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The EBT 2023 Board

We proudly present to you the board of the Economic Business weeks Tilburg 2023.
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Femke Stander
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Vice-Chairman & Secretary
Dirck Gijzen
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Treasurer & Operations Manager
Luuk van der Linden
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Public Relations Officer
Janneke Bekkers
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External Affairs Officer
Jarno Ringhs

Do you want to organize the 26th edition of one of the biggest career events in the Netherlands? Join the EBT 2024 board! More information can be found here.

Over the years, the Economic Business weeks Tilburg
has grown to be the largest career event of Tilburg University,
supporting over 1500 students each year.
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Supporting Associations

The EBT is a project of Faculty Association Asset in cooperation with Tilburg University.

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The EBT recognizes the importance of sustainability and therefore is making an effort to reduce its carbon footprint. We want to contribute to the earth’s overall wellbeing in the following ways:

Also make sure to check out our Sustainability Symposium.

  1. Paper
    We have reduced the amount of flyers used for promotion by 50% in 2022.
  2. App
    We developed an app in 2020 to reduce the amount of tickets and vouchers needed during the EBT.
  3. Materials
    We are using sustainable promotion materials.
  4. Online
    We are increasingly making use of ours and the university’s online promotion channels and social media for promotion purposes to reduce the amount of paper used.
  5. Magazine
    We reduced the amount of pages in the EBT magazine by more than 25%.
  6. Symposium
    To make students more aware of the impacts of sustainability, we yearly organize the Sustainability Symposium. This year’s topic is “The Growing Value of Water”.

EBTilburg App

The EBTilburg app is now available for Android and IOS! The app will allow you to receive all necessary information about the EBT at any time, in any place. 

Download the EBTilburg App now to stay up to date with your personal schedule, EBT news and more! The app can be found by searching ‘EBTilburg’ in the App Store or Google Play store, or bly clicking the buttons below:


Take a look at our magazine to find out which activities we are organising and which companies are participating in the EBT 2023!

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BrightStone Group